Turbo Battle Arena Partners with Xerial expanding reach into South America
Announcing groundbreaking partnership between Turbo Battle Arena and Xerial, a leader in blockchain technology solutions for game developers.

We are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership between Turbo Battle Arena and Xerial, a leader in blockchain technology solutions for game developers. This collaboration is set to significantly broaden TBA's reach within the Web3 gaming ecosystem, particularly into the vibrant markets of South America and Spanish-speaking regions.

About Xerial
Xerial is at the forefront of providing developers with cutting-edge, blockchain, and platform-agnostic tools that revolutionize how games are developed and experienced. Their technology enables game creators to integrate blockchain wallets seamlessly, manage various asset types—both fungible and non-fungible—and interact with smart contracts without compromising the user experience.

What Xerial Brings to TBA:

  • Game SDKs: With support for popular engines like Unity and Unreal, Xerial’s SDKs empower our developers with enhanced flexibility and efficiency, enabling them to focus on what they do best—creating unforgettable gaming experiences.
  • Game Store Solutions: Xerial’s customizable in-game marketplace technology will allow TBA to offer a white-labeled, multi-chain marketplace that supports private sales and includes integration with major payment solutions like Stripe and Circle.
  • NFT Tools: Xerial’s robust suite of NFT tools will enhance TBA’s capability to manage and secure NFT collections efficiently. Features like delayed minting, batch minting, and custom metadata storage ensure that TBA stays at the cutting edge of NFT technology.
  • Wallet Solutions: Xerial’s wallet solutions are designed to seamlessly onboard players across devices, ensuring security and compliance without sacrificing user experience. This is crucial as we expand into diverse markets with varying regulatory landscapes.

Expanding Horizons
This partnership is not just about technology support, it's about making a strategic move to expand TBA's user base and influence in regions ripe with opportunities for blockchain gaming. By leveraging Xerial’s partners, TBA aims to provide an unparalleled gaming experience that attracts a broader audience, fostering growth and engagement in new communities.

A Non-Exclusive Partnership with Global Aspirations
Our collaboration with Xerial is non-exclusive, reflecting our commitment to openness and flexibility in our growth strategy. This approach ensures that we can continue to adapt and innovate within the Web3 space, always putting our community and the evolving market needs at the forefront.

Join Us on This Exciting Journey

Together with Xerial, Turbo Battle Arena is setting new standards in the Web3 gaming domain, driving forward our mission to revolutionize how games are played, experienced, and valued globally.